UTI Treatment North Dallas TX

Fast UTI Treatment Provided in North Dallas, TX

UTI Treatment North Dallas TXIf you require treatment for a UTI, head straight to Citra Urgent Care in North Dallas, Texas. Our experienced team of medical providers offers prompt relief for painful urinary tract infections in a modern and comfortable setting.

Common in women of all ages, urinary tract infections should be addressed quickly once noticeable symptoms develop. While at-home remedies like drinking cranberry juice may provide temporary relief, such infections can spread to the kidneys and require more extensive care if not professionally treated. Consider visiting Citra Urgent Care in North Dallas, TX, for UTI treatment if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • A burning sensation during urination
  • A frequent or constant urge to urinate, even when the bladder is empty
  • Urine that is unusually dark or cloudy
  • Lower back or abdominal pain

At Citra Urgent Care, you will receive UTI treatment from one of our friendly medical providers, who may prescribe antibiotics to wipe out the infection and restore comfort and function. If you have any questions regarding your UTI treatment, our professionals will be happy to answer them. Furthermore, we make the payment process simple by accepting all major forms of insurance, including Medicare and Tricare.

Visit Citra Urgent Care in North Dallas, TX, today if you require treatment for a UTI. Appointments are never required, and we are open every day of the week for your convenience. Be sure to take advantage of our easy online check-in system.