Urgent Care Center Dallas TX

The Benefits of Visiting an Urgent Care Center: Information for Residents of Dallas, TX

Urgent Care Center Dallas TXInjuries and illnesses happen, and in some instances, visiting an urgent care center near your home in Dallas, Texas, may be your best option for treatment. While it’s ideal to visit your primary care doctor, these professionals tend to be booked for days or weeks in advance, and most shut their doors promptly at 5 p.m. Of course, you always have the option of visiting the emergency room to receive immediate care, but hospital ERs are expensive and often have extended wait times – an especially frustrating reality when you don’t even have a true medical emergency.

By visiting an urgent care center, you’ll be able to receive immediate medical treatment for common conditions like sinus infections, strep throat, ankle sprains, and simple fractures – all without an appointment and at a lower cost than what you’d find at an ER. While you should always call 911 or visit the ER in the event of a life-threatening emergency, stopping by an urgent care clinic is a convenient option in less serious situations. However, make sure you choose to visit a reputable urgent care provider.

Citra Urgent Care is the cure to the common immediate care clinic for residents of Dallas, TX. Our highly-rated practice is staffed with experienced and compassionate medical professionals who treat children and adults with a variety of everyday ailments. And, because we are mindful of our patients’ busy schedules, we offer a convenient online check-in system and work hard to keep our wait times brief.

The next time a nasty cold, itchy rash, or any other non-emergency medical issue is disrupting your day, turn to Citra Urgent Care. Our fully-equipped urgent care center is proud to cater to the medical needs of families throughout Dallas, TX.