Visit Citra Urgent Care for Convenient Lab Work Services

Urgent Care Testing & Lab WorkSometimes, lab work is necessary to make an accurate medical diagnosis, determine the best course of treatment, or to fulfill a requirement with a new employer. If you need lab tests performed and reside in the North Dallas area, trust the experienced medical professionals at Citra Urgent Care. Our newly-constructed walk-in clinic is clean and comfortable, and our friendly staff possesses the equipment and expertise to expertly carry out lab work. In fact, the majority of lab tests, which typically consist of blood or urine samples, are analyzed on-site. Stop by at your convenience for the following testing services:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Disease testing (STDs, diabetes, etc.)
  • Virus testing (strep, mono, etc.)
  • Cholesterol testing
  • CMP testing (electrolyte and liver function)
  • Drug testing through eScreen
  • Allergy testing

In addition to extensive lab work services, Citra Urgent Care provides top-notch immediate care for a broad spectrum of non-emergency medical problems with little to no wait times. And with convenient weekday, weeknight, and weekend hours, we make receiving exceptional health care and lab testing simple. Stop in today or try our easy on-line check-in to expedite your visit.