Sinus Infection Treatment North Dallas TX

Fast Sinus Infection Treatment Provided in North Dallas, TX

Sinus Infection Treatment North Dallas TXIf you’ve ever had a bad sinus infection, you know treatment can’t come quickly enough. Thankfully, residents of North Dallas, Texas, can find prompt relief for their sinus troubles without an appointment at Citra Urgent Care. Our full-service walk-in clinic was founded by an ER physician who wanted to provide a better way for patients with sinus infections, allergies, and other non-emergency medical conditions to receive quick, dependable care.

Sinus infections are quite common, and most cases can be remedied at home with plenty of rest, over-the-counter medicines to address uncomfortable symptoms, and a cup or two of warm tea with honey. However, patients with more extensive infections may require attention from a medical professional. Consider visiting Citra Urgent Care in North Dallas, TX, for sinus infection treatment if your symptoms:

  • Persist for more than 10 days, or worsen after the first seven days
  • Are accompanied by fever
  • Include painful headaches and severe sinus pressure
  • Prevent you from functioning as normal

As a Citra Urgent Care patient, your symptoms will be carefully reviewed by one of our friendly and experienced medical providers who will formulate a treatment plan to put you on the fast track to feeling well again. Plus, we make the payment process as simple as possible by accepting all major insurance plans as well as Medicare and Tricare.

Visit Citra Urgent Care in North Dallas, TX, today to receive sinus infection treatment and find relief for your symptoms. Our wait times are usually brief, but to expedite your visit, be sure to take advantage of our convenient online check-in system.