Pediatric Care Services
in Dallas, TX

No parent would want their child to get sick. However, at times, your child may experience illnesses like high fever, trouble breathing, belly pain in one spot, and more. If you don’t have an appointment or an established primary care physician, there are still options to ensure your child gets the necessary care.

Are you looking for a reliable, child-friendly urgent care clinic that offers pediatric care services in Dallas? Look no further than Citra Urgent Care. Voted as the best urgent care/walk-in clinic three years in a row, there’s no better child’s urgent care to take your child than ours. Meanwhile, here’s what you should know about the pediatric services we offer at Citra Urgent Care.

When to Take Your Baby to an Urgent Care 

You should consider taking your baby to Urgent Care if they have a life-threatening illness or injury. Some of the symptoms that should prompt you to seek urgent care services include the following:

Trouble Breathing 

It’s hard to determine whether your child has a cold or flu and has trouble breathing. However, several apparent symptoms indicate that your child is struggling to breathe and you need urgent care for babies’ services. These symptoms include:

  • Continuous wheezing
  • Breathing as if they’ve been exercising
  • Persistent wheezing that causes difficulty in talking

Minor Injuries

You should also seek help from urgent care if your child has an injury that causes prolonged pain bleeding from a minor wound or cut. If a visible misalignment, excessive swelling, or there is a severe wound in the abdomen or chest, you should seek immediate help from an emergency room.

High Fever Accompanied by Other Symptoms 

People often bring their kids to the hospital due to fever. Most cases can wait for a doctor’s appointment, mainly if you use several home remedies to bring it down. However, you should seek help from a kids’ Urgent Care if the fever goes as high as 100F and is accompanied by symptoms like non-stop vomiting, trouble breathing, and dehydration.

What to Expect in a Pediatric Urgent Care

Soon after you arrive at our Urgent Care, your child will be seen by a nurse who will start asking about the symptoms, check vital signs, and make a quick assessment, a process known as triage. This will help prioritize your child’s medical needs based on the severity of their condition. If the nurse’s assessment does not require referral to an emergency room, a provide at Citra will then treat and diagnose your child.

If You Are in Need of Pediatric Care Services, Contact us Today

Visit Citra Urgent Care for any non-life-threatening condition that you suspect your child may be having. Our clinics are staffed with nurse practitioners and physician assistants who can handle various pediatric cases while working closely with your kid’s physicians to ensure proper follow-up care. Contact us now for your pediatric care services.

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