COVID-19 Testing Hurst TX

COVID-19 Testing Provided in Hurst, TX

COVID-19 Testing Hurst TX Citra Urgent Care is a COVID-19 testing location in Hurst, Texas. If you would like to receive a COVID-19 test, our team makes it simple to do so. We provide testing to asymptomatic and symptomatic patients every day without a physician’s referral. Our current testing options include:

  • Rapid COVID-19 testing
  • PCR COVID-19 testing
  • COVID-19 antibody testing

Unlike rapid and PCR tests that screen for active infections, antibody tests screen for antibodies that were produced in response to a past coronavirus infection. Because many cases of COVID-19 don’t cause obvious symptoms, antibody tests can provide clarity to people who suspect they may have previously had the virus.

Important Information About COVID-19 Testing

To schedule a COVID-19 test at Citra Urgent Care, give us a call or use our simple online appointment scheduling system. Appointments are required for this service. We recommend for patients to wait at least 4 days after symptom onset or suspected exposure to receive testing for the most accurate results.

When you arrive at Citra Urgent Care for your testing appointment, please remain in your vehicle and text or call the phone number listed on the front door. One of our friendly professionals will quickly assist you and walk you through the testing process. Most insurance plans cover COVID-19 testing, although we offer affordable Prompt Pay pricing to self-pay patients.

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Have questions about COVID-19 testing? We’re here to help. Contact Citra Urgent Care today to learn more about testing or to schedule an appointment at our Hurst urgent care clinic.