Injury Care Services
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An urgent care service provides the medical help you need when you experience a non-life-threatening emergency. This may include sports injuries, bruises, cuts, injuries from lifting or falls, joint injuries, and more. You cannot delay treating these injuries by waiting for a physician’s appointment or in line in an emergency room. This makes an urgent care service the best place to seek medical attention for such injuries. After all, its services are more affordable and offer better attention than an emergency room for non-life-threatening injuries.

Citra Urgent Care is dedicated to providing high-quality injury care to everyone in the Dallas area. Whether it’s a work-related injury or an injury you’ve experienced from home, we’re here to help you get the best care and treatment you deserve.

What Does Urgent Care Treat? 

An urgent care service can treat many injuries that don’t need emergency treatment. These clinics usually have relevant devices to diagnose and treat these injuries. Some of the urgent care services you can seek from a walk-in clinic include the following:

Urgent Care for Foot Pain 

You can seek urgent care for foot pain when you experience symptoms like:

  • Severe swelling or pain
  • You have an open wound that’s oozing pus
  • There are signs of infection like tenderness, redness, and warmth, accompanied by a fever that’s over 100 F
  • You have diabetes and have a deep, reddish, and swollen wound on the feet that isn’t healing

Urgent Care for Sprains 

Sprains occur when a ligament stretches or tears. It usually occurs during sports, often through direct or indirect impact on the joints. You can experience a sprain on the ankle, hands, legs, feet, or wrist. You should seek urgent care for sprains if you experience the following:

  • Swelling, pain, and bruising that occur even after trying home remedies
  • Discoloration, numbness, pain, and coldness in the affected area

Urgent Care for Wrist Pains 

Not all wrist pains need medical intervention from an urgent care clinic. Some may be treated using home remedies, while others may need an appointment with an orthopedist, especially in cases with underlying health conditions. Some of the cases that need urgent care for wrist pain include the following:

  • You suspect you have a sprain or broken bone in your wrist
  • You have an open wound that requires immediate treatment
  • Your wrist is tender, warm, and red, accompanied by a fever that’s over 100 F

Besides these injuries, other injuries that may prompt you to seek urgent care services include minor fractures, cuts, and lacerations.

What to Expect in an Urgent Care Clinic 

You don’t need to book an appointment while going to a Citra Urgent Care clinic. Once you arrive in one of our clinics, our medical practitioners will provide personalized medical attention that suits the injuries you’re suffering from. This personalized approach includes:

  • Assessing the injury and its severity
  • Gathering information about how you incurred the injury, your medical history, and other relevant information
  • Seek further diagnosis using devices like simple X-rays to check whether there are fractured or broken bones
  • Treatment according to the results of the diagnosis
  • Follow-up from a staff member asking about your recovery process
  • Schedule a follow-up visit if deemed necessary

For severe cases, our medical practitioners may refer you to an Orthopedist or other injury-related medical professionals for further diagnosis and treatment.

If You are In Need of Injury Care Services, Contact us Today 

if your injury needs immediate attention and doesn’t require complex medical interventions. An urgent care clinic will provide the necessary diagnosis and treatment depending on the injury you’re suffering from.

If you are looking for a reliable, no-hassle urgent care service for your injury in the Dallas, Fort Worth Area, look no further than Citra Urgent Care. We offer high-quality, personalized diagnosis and treatment for all minor injuries. Visit one of our locations or contact us today for your medical needs.

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